"One of my proudest moments was when my client was featured on the Harry Connick Jr Show because of his weight loss success story ..."

Wanderlust Weekly: Congrats on the growth of FitnessWithFlex! What inspired its creation? Samantha Gomez: Thank you so much I really appreciate it, what inspired the creation of FitnessWithFlex was when my partner and I had to battle with uncontrollable body fat gain along with our health’s plunging. We started then to realize that there was a lot of people that were desperate and really trying to change their lives the way we once did. After transforming our bodies along with helping many people and becoming experts in the subject, we knew that our calling was to help people all around the world get the help we wished we once had. We also came to the conclusion that although people want to live a healthier, long and confident life most people really know little to nothing about the functions of the body and what they have to do to reach their fitness goals permanently. We knew that many people desperate to changing their lives were being taken advantage of by people who are just trying to make a quick buck by giving them misleading information. We knew that many people around the world are consistently getting scammed into buy things that sale false promises, and this only leads  people to straying away and giving up on their goals. Along with robbing them from the chance of being able to live the life they really want to live. We do our best to help people reach a permanent fitness goal by taking out all the guessing game and giving them a GPS on exactly how to get there. Also in their journey with us people have the chance to learn about their bodies, learn how everyone is different and the importance of having something that is customized toward them. We help people implant daily habits that not only people can take with them forever but that will also help change the future of their kid’s lives.
Wanderlust Weekly: You've built a strong community following in New York, what are some of your proudest moments? Samantha Gomez
- One of my proudest moments was when my client was featured on the Harry Connick Jr Show because of his weight loss success story.
- When my clients tell me that the doctor got them of their diabetic medication because there blood sugar levels are back to normal which they never thought was even possible.
- When clients tell me that they can wear their dream wedding dress down the aisle and feel incredible and confident.
- When my clients tell me that people at work can’t stop complimenting them on how healthy and fit they look and their skin is glowing.
- My proudest moments are my clients accomplishments seeing that smile on their faces and having them feel confident that they can reach any goal they set their mind to is what makes my heart jump with joy. Although we are located in New York we have been able to help many people in other states as well as around the world with our coaching program. (France, Holland, United Kingdom, Colombia, Brazil)  just to name a few.
Wanderlust Weekly: The wellness field is constantly evolving, what upcoming news or developments can we look forward to? Samantha Gomez: We try our best to put out as much free content as we can; we already have tons of blogs, YouTube videos, and Podcast episodes and we will definitely be coming out with a lot more. We just released my recipe E book FitnessWithFlexHers From Junk Food To Good Food where I have a some of people favorite guilty pleasures and I turn them into a healthier alternative so people can still enjoy some of their favorite dishes but not have to feel so guilty about having them. We also came out with The FitnessWithFlex Real Results No Gimmick Guide To Getting Fit E Book where we talk about different misconception, scams and gimmick that people commonly fall for and we explained why they don’t work and how they won’t help give you long term results, this way people don’t fall for them and can finally reach their fitness goals. After the release of these two books people have really shown us a lot of love and support along with a lot of positive feedback. So we will be releasing a second Recipe book and The FitnessWithFlex Real Results No Gimmick Guide To Getting Fit Volume 2. We are also working with more athletes this year we are currently working with professional MMA Fighters and kick boxers, helping them with healthy weight cuts, strength, speed, conditioning and functional training. We are also opening a new facility where we will be holding a lot of awesome classes. We will have programs that cater to all people and their specific goals whether it’s that you want to lose body fat or become a better athlete we are here to help. Luckily we are very blessed to have such a supportive community behind us supporting us all the way. This new facility is going to help take our journey to the next level because it will be filled with positivity, great energy where we can all stay focused on our goals and also feel a sense of accountability as a team, but above all allowing us to help more people change their lives. Opening the end of July 2017.  [ learn more ]