FLX Blade

The FLX Blade is an electric bike, so powerful it could, err…kill you! The bike has a 48V 1000W motor that can easily reach 40 mph. FLX has issued a warning that says that riders should use this bike at their own risk. This is some serious biking business! Available in 3 colors: Raw Metal, Matte Black and Gloss White, you can ride the fastest and coolest bike around. RockShox Air Suspension will support you whether you’re using the road or mountain bike configuration and the Magura MT5e hydraulic disc brakes will put you in complete control and out of trouble. It doesn’t stop there… The color LCD display allows you to see how fast you’re going, how far you’ve ridden, your battery life and your average speed (as well as being able to control your speeds – law breaking isn’t cool!) If that wasn’t enough, the bike also has a USB charger to allow your device to charge up to 70 times. If you’re a thrill seeker and want to travel around at high speeds – this bike is definitely for you!