Ghostek NRGcamper Travel Tech Backpack

Safety always comes first, whether you’re hiking up a mountain or trekking through a rainforest, but being off the grid means that technology doesn’t always play ball. Now, however, it can! The NRG Camper designed by Ghostek has a built in battery pack so you can always be in contact with civilization and you can always stay connected. The 16,000Ah battery bank locks into the bags frame and has multiple ports so it can be used for your team too. The charge isn’t a problem for the battery pack either as the backpack comes with a built in 11W solar panel that charges the battery pack when the juice is low. With the life-saving battery pack, the backpack also comes with a water resistant front pocket for your devices or valuables, a whistle on the chest buckle, height adjustment, multiple straps and hooks and the bag is altogether fashioned with high-quality materials perfect for any adventure!