Glenmorangie x Renovo

The worlds first bike made from whisky casks. The Renovo X Glenmorangie is an amalgamation of two companies of great knowledge and expertise coming together to create a bike of true beauty. Each bike frame is crafted from 15 whisky barrel staves and formed into a hollow frame to help with weight. The ex-bourbon cask is only used twice in the Glenmorangie distillery to create their Original Whisky, the staves of each barrel are then sent to Renovo in Portland. Finished with Glenmorangie’s Signet icon, individually numbered and available in 3 frame sizes (52cm, 55cm, or 58cm) and two package options (Ultegra 6800 or Dura Ace Di2) the Glenmorangie Original by Renovo is a beautiful expression of whisky and cycling.