Harmony Studios

"Harmony Studios is a full-service, private instruction facility specializing in personalized Pilates regimens that is nestled in the heart of West Hollywood. Using methods evolved from the work of Joseph Pilates, we have developed our own philosophy that combines the mind-body connection with old-fashioned 'get in shape, stay in shape' sensibility ..."

Wanderlust Weekly: Congrats on the growth of Harmony Studios! What inspired you to take the helm? Jessica Rix: Thank you kindly...There were many elements that were appealing about Harmony. Initially, the looks and aesthetics drew me in...I like to call us a Bohemian tree house nestled in the heart of Weho. Secondly, the large space enables us to present a very personalized, on one on approach..as we are mostly an individualized based studio. Then, it's the instructors...our instructors are truly special. I might be bit biased, but there is this sense of age old wisdom that stems from, well...pure passion. All of our instructors have deep rooted backgrounds in dance, physical therapy, yoga, Tai-Chi, Gyrotonic, & classically inspired Pilates methods. While Pilates is not new by any means, we keep it harmonious within the Harmony walls.  [ learn more ]