Momentom Collective | Gabrielle Bonneville

"Momentom won best innovative sustainable project at the Good Festival - the largest sustainable development festival in the world in Switzerland ..."

Wanderlust Weekly: Congrats on the growth of Momentom Collective! What inspired its creation? Gabrielle Bonneville: It started with three girls traveling Nicaragua and falling in love with the yogic and circus life. Momentom was an imitative born out of the momentum we experienced on the road,  ‘om’ moments and adventures that took our breath away. Momentom was created as a business model that was both philanthropic and allowed our collective members to use their specific talents to make the overall organization wheel turn. We are motivated by collectivity. At its base, the co-creators place lifestyle first, as yogis, artists and acrobats. By working together, we make our passions more accessible outside of studios and to travellers and artists on the road. But mostly, to vulnerable populations across the globe, including refugees, because we know that yoga, circus and acrobatics provide essential life skills that can be beneficial in the face of trauma and to create more community. 
Wanderlust Weekly: You've built a strong community following, what are some of your proudest moments? Gabrielle Bonneville: If I were to pick out of the blue. I think we could easily choose these three little snapbacks ... 1. Doing a circus show in collaboration with the Red Cross and Nicaraguan media in a tiny, deserted little community in Nicaragua and using a clown, three aerialists, partner acrobats to communicate awareness of climate change was definitely one of them ... 2. When we created the first fire festival in Nicaragua with over 13 fire artists from all over the word in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua. We literally blocked the streets off to showcase a crazy fire show in unison on the streets ... 3. When Momentom won best innovative sustainable project at the Good Festival - the largest sustainable development festival in the world in Switzerland. Now, partnering with the United Nations - the momentum has taken off for real.
Wanderlust Weekly: Entrepreneurs are constantly on the move, what upcoming news or events can we look forward to? Gabrielle Bonneville: Some of our team members are on a inter-American tour from the US to Nicaragua, stopping in studios and communities along the way to provide shows and workshops but mostly- to live the lifestyle we first based the collective on. On the road, we train, we laugh, we share, we meditate, we devise plans to impact more people, more efficiently. You can find the crew in our first humanitarian mission in a refugee camp called “Las 72” in Tenosique, Mexico in collaboration with Access Asylum, an NGO who provides legal services for refugees. You’ll find the team in Cosmic Convergence in Guatemala for the New Years celebration and in Nicaragua for the annual circus show tour in various breathtaking venues along the coast. You can find where on when we announce the venues on January 1st. Between January and July, our team is opening the second annual artist residency in Nicaragua. The artist residency is an initiative by Momentom Collective to provide travellers with the opportunity to train in yoga, meditation and circus arts with international artists in a mansion perched over the ocean.  The residency is open from January to July every year, and along with training, artists have the opportunity to perform in gorgeous venues and teach in local community centres and youth schools around the area.  [ learn more ]  #momentomcollective #circusretreats