"There’s no elite crowd here -- we are not interested in judging anyone. We are interested in doing. We love what we do and we want to share it with the world!"

Wanderlust WeeklyCongrats on the growth of YogaCare! What inspired its creation? Candice Miller: We wanted to change the way people think about yoga! YogaCare has been around for 10 years, starting out in Mexico City. Just like NYC, it’s a big, crazy city and the hustle and bustle can wear you down. So YogaCare was created from the belief that yoga is not just a practice – it’s a lifestyle that changes from day to day and has the ability to improve people's lives. We created YogaCare to facilitate this transformation in becoming the best version of yourself – permanently. My co-owner, Ulises Calatayud, has been teaching yoga and meditation for 25 years. He brings so much energy and experience to the practice, and he wanted to bring this all together under one roof. The unique combination of services we offer at our downtown Manhattan studio includes Bikram yoga, in-house nutrition, deep breathing and meditation, and our exclusive Pulse class for toning and core — and showing how they all fit together in the holistic discipline we call Full Circle. The Full Circle program is based on a Yoga philosophy that transforms not who you are, but how you live. Our services complement the mind, body, and soul in their journey towards balance with each other. At YogaCare, we're spreading the word about this lifestyle and its benefits, and we're providing access to resources for anyone wishing to partake. 
Wanderlust Weekly: You've built a strong community following in NYC, what are some of your proudest moments? Candice Miller: Our programs and classes have been created from years of listening to our students. We have combined our experience and our customers' voices to perfect each item. There’s no elite crowd here -- we are not interested in judging anyone. We are interested in doing. We love what we do and we want to share it with the world! Some of my proudest moments are during the Full Circle graduation ceremonies. The stories our students share bring me to tears EVERY TIME. During the program, people let go of many things they've held onto for YEARS. For example, a recent participant who is 68-years old told me this: “When I feel myself going over the edge, I can bring myself back to sanity and laugh. I also notice that I feel so much calmer and would just rather listen and observe the people and the world around me. It’s like I can actually hear better — or maybe I’m just paying better attention.” Another moment was when we donated several bins of now-too-big clothing to the Coalition of the Homeless down the street from our studio. Full Circle students dropped a whopping 291lbs in the last program, and none of their clothes fit anymore! This quote is really my favorite: "My body is the same great establishment with the same name — just under new management!"

Wanderlust Weekly: The wellness field is constantly evolving, what upcoming news or developments can we look forward to? Candice Miller: Our Full Circle Program is really starting to kick off in New York, and so many people are coming to us saying: "this is exactly what I’ve been looking for because I’ve tried everything!" We have info sessions every day so people can learn more about it and what it entails. In a nutshell, Full Circle is a structured multi-week program that develops your body, mind, and soul through a variety of activities. It will train your body to make it leaner, stronger and more flexible. You will learn to control your breath and how you relate to stressful situations and, most importantly, you will learn to tap into your soul through meditation and a quiet mind. That’s why it’s so holistic -- because we are mind, body and soul. Combined with oversight from a certified nutritionist, Full Circle delivers immediate results that transform participants throughout the program and for the rest of their lives. It’s not a boot camp or a quick fix -- it’s a permanent fix that will become second-nature and will allow you to finally live that healthy lifestyle you’ve always wanted.  [ learn more ]