Zona Rear-View Motorcycle Camera

Motorcycles are inherently more dangerous than the cocoons surrounding most drivers. And while you can’t prevent careless drivers from doing their thing you can at least be better aware of their incompetence and ride defensively when necessary with the Zona Rear-View Motorcycle Camera. The system employs three parts: a camera that mounts to the back of your motorcycle (and that’s powered by its battery), a receiver/battery pack, and a flexible display arm that positions a screen in front of either of your eyes, the two latter parts retrofitting onto your existing helmet. This display gives the impression of a 30-inch screen floating 10 feet in front of you to help you see behind without distracting or requiring that you take your eyes off the road. It also records what you see in loop on an included memory stick, serving as a complement to your insurance claim should a situation eventually arise.  [ learn more ]